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Touring different places of the municipality allows contemplating the beautiful edifices constructed in Canary style. A visit to the Parochial Temple of San Marcos is a must, as well as other temples and oratoriums, such as El Socorro and the one of Los Dolores, known as San Ignacio, or the one of San Pedro de Alcántara, called Roma.

Tegueste is a municipality where native sports have a strong root, especially the Canary wrestling, Since the middle of the seventies, the dragging trials by a pair of oxen take place, which is very popular today.

Among the local celebrations, the most notable are the pilgrimages of San Marcos, on the last Sunday in April, where each of the neighbourhoods is represented by a chariot curiously worked over with traditional typical motifs. Also created are fabulous artistic murals, made up of grains, beans, chickpeas and millo (sorghum).

Good wine is always present, as it is in other celebrations, with its well deserved fame. Precisely a whole series of activities on wine (caring of the vineyards, grape harvest, etc..) are carried out together, with the neighbours helping each other and in this way becoming another reason for getting together and setting up wine stalls.

Calendar of Popular Festivities in Tegueste
March 11-14 Heart Festivity (Fiesta del Corazón)
Last week in April Festivity and Pilgrimage of San Marcos Evangelist
May Festivities of the Crosses (Fiestas de las Cruces)
Beginning of Festivities of San Antonio Abad and Holy Heart of Jesus. El Portezuelo
Second Sunday in August Heart of Jesus. Pedro Alvarez
September 8th Our Lady of Los Remedios. La Librea
Sunday closest to September 23rd Our Lady of El Socorro. El Socorro

Cultural Interest Centres

Municipal Archive

Phone: 922 316 100

El Socorro Cultural Centre

Phone: 922 544 503

Pedro Alvarez Cultural Centre

Phone: 922 545 255

Cultural Information Office: Cultural Council of the Guildhall

Phone: 922 316 129

Guildhall Exhibit Rooms

Phone: 922 316 119

For Complete cultural information concerning Tenerife and the Canaries visit www.tenerifeculture.com


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